Security Requests FAQ

Can I request access for a user in another department?

No. You can only request access for employees you manage.

How do I change my how my name shows up in Cerner (Display Name)?

This is not a IDM item.

Please contact the Help Desk

Phone: 5-9109

Or online:

IT Service Desk

How do I get access to IDM?

Email the IT Security Team at:

How do I get the username and password for my new employee?

After submitting for a new user to get access just return to the main menu in IDM. You will see the users information including their username. Their temporary password will be Qxz and the last 6 of their SSN.


How do I know the status of what my employee has access to?

In IDM click on the “Users” tab at the top of the page then click “User Access.”



How do I request a name change?

Username Change

Due to HIPAA regulations and the way UMC currently logs and audits systems activity, we are unable to process username change requests once the username has been established

Last Name Change

Submit a request through IDM



How do I request access to Nurse Care Hours (NCH)

NCH is not handled through IDM. Please contact Christy Brown:


How do I request an Exception?

All employee access is determined by their position. However, there are times when you may need to request an exception. In those cases you would currently submit an “Other” request.

How do I terminate a user?

Click “New Request” in IDM. Once user is found click on user’s name. Then click “Other Request” – Type your message and submit.



How do I update a users credentials?

Because credentials are tied to the position and require a PAF through HR these are now processed as a “Position Change”

Simply submit a “Position Change” request through IDM.

How long should does it take for my employee to get access?

Currently access to the UMC network (being able to login a computer) and getting email happens within 10 seconds after you submit your request. You can return to the main page of IDM and get the employee’s username and provide them with the temporary password and they are up and running!

Cerner, IDX, Teletracking, Pyxis, etc….. are all manually created at this time but should be complete in about 3-5 business days.

If your employee does not have access in that time frame please contact the help desk right away: 775-9109

Is it OK to submit a request prior to employees in-processing?

Yes! You can submit for access prior to the employee’s in-processing so that their access will be ready when they arrive. However, we ask that if for some reason that potential employee does not actually come to work please submit a request to terminate their access.

What about a previous employee or student?

ANYONE who has had access at UMC in the past must have a Position Change request submitted. Use the “Changing Jobs” button in IDM.


What does “IDM” stand for?

Identity Management (IDM) describes the management of individuals, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within or across systems and networks with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.

What if my employee can’t log in?

Please contact the help desk at: 775-9109

What is the “Other” Button For & What does it do?

The “Other” button is for anything you need to request which does not fall in any of the previous categories.

This button is NOT automated so when you submit an “Other” request, IT Security will take your request and create Service Manager Tickets and send them to the appropriate person for processing.



When will all of my department’s users show up in IDM?

You should be able to see all user’s in your department now. Just click on the “User’s” tab at the top. You can also click on the user for more details. If for some reason you are missing an employee in your User’s Tab email



When will I be able to see a current “User Access” list for my employees?

This will probably not happen in the current version. Our developers are working on the new version which will have many new features which we know will be of help including the ability to see your user’s complete access list.

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